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January 2014

Happy New Year!
There is always a new hope for the future at the turn of a new year. God knows we need a good dose of that hope. But with hope comes involvement, commitment, action, and grit. That's right grit. Some call it guts, still others call it courage. 
What you do to re-invigorate yourself to get involved in political action from a Christian perspective is determined by your relationship with the Master, Jesus Christ, the Righteous. 
*  Will you rally around the will of God for our nation? 
*  Will you seek to reform your heart back to thinking God's Way? 
*  Will you not compromise your integrity in your pursuit of the truth? 
*  Will Godliness be not only a heartfelt drive but a transformation of your mind? 
*  Will you bestow honor upon those who are righting the right? 
*  And will truth rule your life and empower you for living?
Friends, we must continue to stand together against the tyranny of big government. It will continue to grow as large as we allow it to grow. And, as it grows, so goes our freedom, our economic security, and our future.
Let’s take action. Let's roll!