Equity: Equal v. Social Justice

Equity – Controlling the Individual

Using the Law to Restructure Human Nature

(Presentation by Rev. Glenn Pav)

Introduction:  During her run for Florida Attorney General, I interviewed Pam Bondi. She showed herself to be courageous, strong, and passionate. I ended my interview with her
with these words. “You go, girl!” Remember this statement. Toward the end of this paper, I’ll give you another exhortation.

Since proponents of Agenda 21 plan to control through the environment, economic objectives, education and equal justice to a system of SOCIAL JUSTICE are so radically
divergent from the views and objectives of the average person, a shift in attitudes in the educational programs developed must be made. We need to review the major premise of Agenda 21, name sustainable development.

Sustainable Development means individual human wants, needs, and desires are to be
conformed to the views and dictates of PLANNERS, not “We the People” or citizens. “Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the COLLECTIVE.” (Harvey Ruvin,
Vice Chair of ICLEI – International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives,
Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Circuit and County Court). This will affect every area of the common man’s thinking and life. By the use of manipulative “visioning”, rubber-stamping pre-conceived plans, appearing that the public buys into this re-thinking, and acquiring grants from sources with questionable motives, the entire process of implementing Sustainable Development policies is suspect.

Agenda 21 includes transforming man’s way of thinking. The goals of  GLOBALIST philosophy’s attacks on unalienable rights include reducing human population basing world governance on public decree; not individual rights, and abolishing private property. These Agenda 21 activists wish to overrule the concept that life, liberty and property form the cornerstone of the American experience. Yet “We the People” know that government exists to protect each individual’s unalienable right to his life, liberty and property.

These globaists are creating world governance in accordance with specific OBJECTIVES:
to end national sovereignty, to abolish private property, to restructure the family unit, to increase limits and restrictions on mobility, and to increase limits and restrictions on individual opportunity. The METHODS are being funded by the Federal Government
through policies such as the following: U.S. monetary policy, tax policy, water policy, environmental policy, war policy, education policy, and foreign policy.

Here is a summary of goals of Sustainable Development. They include the following:  to establish a “New” system of economics and justice (SOCIAL Justice vs. Equal Justice), to establish a world religion based on environmental principles (GLOBAL  Religion). We understand that the driving force of major religions is ecumenicalism for a
universal spiritualism. But the basic tenets of western spirituality include the ideas not only that every individual is endowed with unalienable rights but also that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God. These ideas are being “re-invented.” Believers need to wake up to the real thrust of globalism before it’s too late. Believers need true spiritual leadership.

Now let’s focus on this term Agenda 21 advocates used, called Equity. The goals of
equity include the following: to create an international REDISTRIBUTION of U.S. wealth, to create Class Warfare, to promote racism to divide and conquer, to depopulate earth/to eliminate the weak, and to control the media which seeks to dictate their agenda. It is important we understand several key definitions. The first is EQUAL  Justice: the Judicial system that protects individual rights based on the principle of freedom. Equal justice supports true diversity, a respect for the independence and unalienable rights of the individual and genuine tolerance for individuality. Equal justice puts a checkmate on mob rule. In contrast to this is Agenda 21’s desire for SOCIAL Justice: A system of human rights which can be defined as law formulated to obtain government’s social objectives at the expense of individual liberty.

We must realize that Sustainable Development seeks the restructuring of human nature. Like communism, it relies on a system of social justice that works to abolish private property in order to pursue the “COMMON GOOD.”  The pursuit of a centrally determined  “common good” ultimately requires the force of a police state to SUPPRESS individual freedoms.

Disturbing Quotes

“Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound  reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever  experienced – a major shift in the priorities of both governments and  individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources.  This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of  every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making  at every level.” (Signed by George H.W. Bush, 1992 but never ratified by the
U.S. Senate)

“Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it  plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled  by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.  Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and  concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if  unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning implementation of  development schemes. Social justice, urban renewal and development, the  provision of decent dwellings-and healthy conditions for the people can only  be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole.” (Former  UN Secretary General, Oil Billionaire, Maurice Strong).


Each of us must choose between two paths: The road to  liberty requires a conscious decision to defend our neighbor’s rights if we are  to be secure in having a life of our own. The infrastructure for a collective  tyranny is established on the back of public evasion. What can you do to  protect individual liberty and equal justice? How can individuals defend  against the march of a global tyranny cloaked in the warm and fuzzy term “Sustainable  Development?” How can we restore Liberty before it is too late? Suggestions include  the following:

  1. RESPECT people:
    Understand your neighbors’ unalienable right to life, liberty, and the use and
    enjoyment of their property. Don’t approve the community “stakeholder” premise
    that destroys everyone’s natural individual rights.
  2. EDUCATE yourself:
    Know the Declaration of Independence. Become re-acquainted with the principles  of our democratic Republic. Commit to securing the blessings of liberty to our  posterity and to ourselves It’s imperative that we study the U.S. Constitution  and Bill of Rights, our State Constitution, and the  UN Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. Hold elected officials ACCOUNTABLE. Handwritten  letters is most effective, then phoning, faxing, then emailing. I suggest you  do all of these to bombard your elected official with your passionate ideas.
  4. Take  charge of your CHILD’S nurturing. Understand and work to eliminate
    harmful indoctrination programs in the current government education system.
  5. ADVANCE Freedom Locally:
    1. Hold elected representatives directly  accountable to the American Constitutional system of government that is  currently being undermined with federally coordinated grants and a consensus
      process with predetermined outcomes.
    2. Participate by investigating, researching,  writing, and speaking out. Monitor the corruption inherent to Sustainable  Development.
    3. Support freedom advocacy groups that spread the  spirit of liberty and that provide information explaining Sustainable  Development.
    4. Communicate with others and broaden the circle  of the willing so the word spreads and awareness grows; build distribution  lists.
    5. Work to help awaken genuine free enterprise  business people and customers everywhere to the threat posed by a sustainable transformation.
    6. Reject local receipt of federal, NGO  (Non-Governmental Orgs) or foundation grants. Do not enter into governmental funded or NGO
      sponsored conservation agreements and other contracts. Reject your counties “comprehensive,” “community,” Smart Growth or “Wildland” planning.
    7. Defend your land, home, and business against  eminent domain abuse.
  6. Understand  and fight political regionalism at the local level.
  7. Apply  yourself to liberty as you are best suited. Draw upon your good will to
    humanity. Protect for yourself and posterity a life that is one’s own.
  8. Support the REPEAL of  the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The ESA is the primary tool used to  eliminate citizen ownership and management of America’s rural lands and natural  resources.
  9. Expose  Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are working to undermine the  American vision or who are promoting a global political agenda that is contrary  to the ideas of liberty.
  10. SPREAD the word  to your friends, family and associates about the existence and nature of  Sustainable Development policies and programs that threaten parenthood, private  property and individual freedom.
  11. Kick ICLEI out of town!

Finally, when we  prevail, and we will, people in America and in the rest of the world will be  free to pursue the potential that exists within each of us. Let’s remember that  “Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of liberty!”  Yes, we live in perilous times; therefore, rely and speak the TRUTH of our  Founding Fathers! Remember True Patriotism is “the LOVE  for your country!” Understand True Patriots are not motivated by success, but
rather by FAITHFULESS! Our great reward  of patriotism is FREEDOM. George Washington said, “Private property and freedom  are inseparable.”  Long live freedom! Our  Great God is in sovereign control…So, “You go God!”

How  Do We Preserve Liberty? To Preserve Liberty, my friend, we have a Biblical Mandate to:

1. PRAY  for those in authority (I Tim. 2:1-8) inviting  His presence and help (II Chr. 7:14)

2. Select GOD-fearing leaders (Exod. 18:21; II Sam. 23:3).

3.Remember to: 

Get Ready!  Arm yourselves with the truth

Aim!  Aim at the targets 

Fire! Advance against the Tyrants! 

Keep  Righting the Right: Reformation-Integrity-Godliness-Honor-Truth


The race to “Righting the Right” is  not a sprint, but rather a marathon. We must reform our current politics and  morals by taking one step at a time, from planting grass seeds to fertilizing  grass roots.  It’s “boots on the groung!” We did not lose the  R.I.G.H.T. overnight. We will not regain it through one victorious election  either. But it starts now, R.I.G.H.T. now. Are you the R.I.G.H.T. person to  fill the R.I.G.H.T. gap for such a R.I.G.H.T. time as this? I dare say you are!  Get involved. Join me regularly as I weekly plan, prepare, and crusade on the  battle field to reform our country. Campaign for liberty; come to our meetings for inspiration and instruction. Go out with a focus with the R.I.G.H.T. objectives.  My friend, we can do this if we serve together in “Righting the R.I.G.H.T.” May  God bless you and may God bless the U.S.A.


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