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                                 Weekly Thought     "We should never lessen the gifts & talents that God has given us."                     Zig Ziglar

Weekly Verse          As God has distributed to each let him walk."                                   ~ 1 Corinthians 7:17

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This Week's 8am-11am Shows

Monday August 18

Politics: Commissioner Norm Roche & New Zealander Trevor Loudon  


Tuesday August 19

       Healthcare: MD-Plus Telemedicine Healthcare Alternatives & Citizens for Self-Governance with Convention of States National Project          


   Wednesday August 20 

Constitution: My Christian Perspective on the News & Constitution Study "The Making of America" 


Thursday August 21 

Islam & the Military: Islamization of America Part III with Professor Dr. Bill Urban & "Talking with Heroes" with Bob Calvert


Friday August 22

News Summary: National News Summary & Listeners' Issues

Until thenOn behalf of our faithful sponsors and co-hosts, this is your Patriot Host, Glenn Pav, saying to you, my listening friends, "May God Bless you; let's keep Righting the Right; may God bless America...may America bless God...and, by all means, may God save the U.S.A."


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